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First blog post

Wow, I’ve done it! Actually got the small grey cell working and managed to register a blog site, go me!! This is in itself a small miracle as recently the majority of my life is spent playing and conversing with a slightly crazy 8 year old child and, apart from cooking and cleaning and all that boring guff, my IQ level seems to have plummeted to the extent that my idea of fun has become rearranging the Shopkins Happy Places house. Time to get a life!

I try to laugh my way through life, a sense of humour and a sometimes acerbic way but finding the funny keeps me going…………..life, you really couldn’t make it up! Please don’t think for one minute that I didn’t love him as I did, very much, maybe even too much, but 17 sometimes very difficult years and 4 years of him being ill made love easier said than done at times.

So, in my next post I’ll explain¬† how I’ve happened to have time on my hands to blog with.

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