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Readers From Afar and Memory Books

Curious day today, thank you to all those in the United Arab Emirates who’ve been reading………….why though have none of you followed? Who are you? Get in touch?

Small bought home a memory book today, made good reading, not hard. Wondering if that is really how she think’s I look, check mirror and no, hair is not quite that bad even with the continual rain of today. Thinking of the school singing thing last week about building an ark, seems quite appropriate but then remember that one aged hamster, one grumpy parrot and one soggy doggy won’t be enough to float that boat. Think of Daddy, he didn’t have black eyes but did look quite gaunt so guess it’s an accurate depiction……”ish”. She’s proud of it, we stuff it in the memory box with a hug, it’s safe there and won’t get lost under the numerous piles of toys. Proud of my girl.



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