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Small’s dream and spooky goings on….


Sorry it’s been a while, life has been busy with yet even more stuff that you really just couldn’t make up, sigh. More about the present day later but for now it’s back to thought train and what happened in the aftermath back then.

Woken one morning shortly after the farcical funeral by the Small person climbing into bed. Arms wrap tightly round me and she proceeds to tell me about an amazing dream….

” I had a dream last night Mummy that made it all better. You know I said that I was sad that I didn’t get to say goodbye to Daddy on that morning, the morning he died, that morning, you remember (erm yes, will never forget it, retina’s still suffering) well he came to see me last night. He came into our room and gave me a really big hug and I said goodbye so it’s all okay now. He smiled and looked like normal Daddy, you know, Daddy with no cancer. It’s all okay now, I feel happy again, he’s okay”.

Hug her tightly and smile.

Now, not one to really believe too much in mystic’s and fortune tellers and angels and all that stuff but weird things have happened. Toilet blockage over the summer caused by a child who think’s that it’s really necessary to use at least half a roll at a time and then not flush the blessed thing. After much searching in various cupboards it appeared that the plunger had done one so, in her infinite wisdom, small person helpfully finds video on YouTube” of how to unblock a toilet. “See Mummy, everything you ever need to know is on here”, eye’s roll but dutifully get washing up liquid and boil kettle as instructed by some strange rotund man on said video. Half a bottle of fairy later and several kettles of boiling water and we’ve achieved nothing other than a very foamy but clean blocked toilet, sides are gleaming.

Video number two, no pun intended, has another quite large man shoving a bit of old hose down it. This looks a far more sensible idea so I give that a go with small person hanging over my shoulder and having the cheek to utter lot’s of “that’s gross, yuck, I need a wee”. Check time, it’s now gone 6pm so pour a magic stress busting drink and explain that as much as it’s gross it’s her fault so really I should shove her arm down it instead. Hasty retreat beaten and left in peace to try poking some more. Half an hour later and no progress made. Loosing will to live myself now so pile into car and pop to local DIY shop to purchase plunger. £1.50 and two hefty plunges and the job is done, vow never to follow any instructions off of YouTube again and stick to tried and trusted methods. Now, none of this is spooky, but about a week later we go out for the day, it’s the summer holidays so we can’t have the highlight being a blocked toilet. Get home and go to kitchen to think about dinner of some sorts and there, in the middle of the floor, bang slap in the middle, is a bottle of bleach. Aware of inclination to ditsyness but know this is not something purchased by self. This is posh bleach too, expensive all singing and dancing brand name bleach, the stuff that claims to pretty much change your entire life with it’s amazingness. I buy cheap own brand, I like the colour of the bottle, it works fine. Ask small person if she’s seen it before to which she says no and that it wasn’t there this morning as she went out to get her water bottle before we left. Kitchen is small so would have been tripped over and been my fault as usual. Check back through shopping receipts and it’s not on any, keep all of them, check again. Call parents as only others with keys, it’s not them, they’d have done the washing up left on side. Think about changing locks but that seems a bit extreme, decide to wait and see if any other “present’s” turn up but deadlock door from inside.

Stick posh bleach in bathroom and make a start on dinner. Small person call’s out to me, “Mummy, I think that was a present from Daddy you know. Remember I told you he came back once at night to give me a hug, well I think he’s been back today and left us that to help keep the toilet unblocked”…………….


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